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Отправил вам на почту перевод. Надеюсь, помог.
Игорь, большое спасибо Сейчас выложу файлы с отдельными главами, чтобы было удобнее выбирать для перевода.

Вот первая переведенная часть:

Flash-light murderers.

“Live by Law or what”

To count that Oleg Sherbinsky, accused of causing the car accident in which the Altai governor Mikhail Evdokimov was killed, will not be found guilty were able but very naïve people.
That he will be punished, and punished severely, was obvious Long before the trial.
The chance, absurd and not at all “political” death of the governor, in past a successful and well-known actor, demanded a “political” sentence. The court hadn’t even tried to seriously investigate whether Sherbinsky really violated traffic regulations, could he give way for the governor’s car, or not. That wasn’t the point. No, the simple driver from Altai had violated unwritten, yet stricter regulations: caste rules.

The cruel irony is, that killed in the accident was yet another simple altaian fellow, whose talent and happy chance brought him to the “major league”, where rules are different. A mere existence of a whole army (taking all the country into consideration) of officials who can rush about Russian roads with a speed much more then 60-90 km/h from the regulations proves that there are alternative laws.
The firemen or emergency cannot make 200 km/h even if they would. Technical conditions and characteristics of their vehicles won’t let them do it. Moreover no one will block the highways for them.
Meanwhile every Moscow driver knows the peril of driving left outer lane in certain parts of, say, Leninsky or Kutuzovsky avenue. One may, like Oleg, be late to give way to a car with a number reserved for federal government, flying at a frightening speed by the wrong side of the road. Or a whole breed of them.

For super VIPs, like speed-loving Russian president, not only the road of his movement are being blocked, but also, just for an occasion, all those adjoined. Jammed drivers curse with last word.
Although, as the Altai story teaches, they should be thankful. This is being done for mutual safety.
“Oleg is guilty of staying alive” – such were the posters stuck to the cars of those who managed to get to the court building, where sentence was passed. And they were wrong.
Old lady ran over at the crossing by the son of defense minister Sergei Ivanov, died. But she still was guilty of the accident.

Third-class citizens, those not possessing high rank or big money, are already (finally?) not too happy with such division of rights and duties, this “life with and without Law”.

Strange as it is, but in the avant-garde of that, what still be hardly called civil disobedience, marche the drivers. They do protest, lively and en masse, against the prohibition of right wheel, then red turn indicator. And they did stood up for Oleg Sherbinsky. But in this case it seems more then solidarity of right-wheel drivers. Just like a “terrorist” (according to local prosecution) poster “Your honor, stay vigilant” on one of the cars, not admitted to court building, but later blocking the highway to Barnaul, appeals not only to the judge on Sherbinsky’s case. It appeals to all those whom, for their indifference, passivity and silence, the authorities had got used to hold and treat like third-class humankinds.

Based upon material from gazeta.ru
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