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The car accident which leads to the Altai governor Mikhail Evdokimov death.

How did it happen.

In August 2005, 7 Oleg Scherbinsky with his family was driving to the Utkul Lake where they plan to celebrate his birthday. In the same time Mikhail Evdokimov with his wife Galina, his driver and security guard also was driving the same route. Mikhail Evdokimov makes his way from his home in Verh-Obninskiy village to the Polkovniokovo village to celebrations in honor of astronauts German Titov seventeenth anniversary. Governor was late: it was one of causes of their hurrying. In trips over the Altai heads of districts on “Volgas” always left behind from the Governor motorcade. In this time “Mercedes-Bens S-420” was driven at a speed about two hundred kilometers per hour. In Altai GIBDD it was already said that Governors driver made gross violation of the road laws: in spite of the solid dividing line on the road he tries to make overtaking of the “Toyota-Marino-Sprinter”. “Mercedes” hits the “Toyota” and “Mercedes” was thrown out from the road. The Governors car flies for 10-15 meters (the grass on its way is not even flatten) and then on the full speed run into the birch on the side of the road. The blow was so strong that opened airbags were burst.
Evdokimov who was sitting from the left on the back seat dies instantly: the neck-bone was broken. Driver and security guard also were died instantly. Galina Evdokimova who was sitting after the driver gets her legs broken and for several hours had been stayed near the dead husband in the warped car. All passengers of “Toyota” which the Governor car tried to overtake stayed alive. It was they who called the ambulance and police. It takes more then 6 hours for Rescuers to extract bodies from the crashed car.
времена надо СИЛЬНО править. Настоящее с прошлым перемешаны изрядно. Увы, сам заняться не могу
С уважением, Андрей Мухортиков
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